Five important Identity theft protection tips

These days the data breaching cases are happening more, and consumers are losing their identity or personal information. There are lots of hackers as well as the social engineers who use methods to do identity theft online. Thus, it becomes difficult for people to protect their identity but if they take few steps and are able to monitor their personal information, then they can avoid becoming the victim of identity theft. If you follow the steps given below, then you can secure your identity as well as it ensures that your credits or your credits are not compromised.

Identity theft protection tips-

Stay careful from shoulder surfers- when entering your credit card number or PIN number in an ATM, on the computer or a phone booth look carefully who is near to you. You need to make sure that nobody is peering over the shoulder and trying to make not of keys you are pressing. For identification use the fingerprint scanner or turn on face recognition systems offered by your device.

Photo ID verification-

Instead of signing on the back of the credit card you should write “see the photo ID” because many times store clerks do not look at the signature block on your credit card. And the thief can easily make use of your credit card to do online shopping as no signature verification is asked during online purchases.

Shred everything-

Some thieves are very cunning and do identity theft and steal your information by dumpster diving or trash picking. They stole information from the credit card statements as well as bills that you throw in bins without shredding them nicely. Thus, make use of the paper shredders for shredding papers with PII before disposing of them or else use file shredder software program.

Destroy digital data-

Whenever disposing of off selling or trading the hard drives, computer systems or recordable DVDs, CDs make sure that your previously stored data are completely destroyed. Only deleting the data as well as reformatting hard drive does not completely destroy your data. And people who have technological knowledge can easily recover the data files easily from the drives. Thus, use shredXP to destroy data completely from hard drives. For DVDs and CDs all you can do it to physically destroy them also you can use shredders made for shredding CDs, DVDs, etc.


Thieves out there can also hack your accounts, messages, emails, etc. to take your personal information. Thus, using end to end encryption security option is best for you. Using this you get security for your messages being sent as well as received. When you use this only the receiver and sender are able to read information. Also, you can add password lock or fingerprint ID on your device for extra safety.

So these were few tips to secure your identity from theft. You can follow the steps given below or make use of identity theft protection services you get online for securing your data and monitoring your information. Also, consider above identity theft protection tip as well.

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